ConciergeQ Recommends: Gift Ideas For Moms, Friends, and You!

Like many of you, our ConciergeQ team is at home and busy not traveling. So, in honor of Mother's Day, we wanted to share a few gift items for moms, friends, and even you--products and companies to help inspire future adventures. We hope these fun and fabulous items make your life on the road (and at home) more enjoyable.

Jardin by Macris:

For staples that are trendy and affordable at under $40, Jardin by Macris is your online boutique destination for what’s hot. The Los Angeles-based brand offers versatile looks that refresh your closet, including midi dresses, kimonos, slouchy sweaters, and jumpsuits. We love the Jardin Lace Kimono, which will add a pop of color and some versatility to any wardrobe. It's the perfect spring and summer outer layer to any outfit or even a swimsuit cover-up.

"I can't wait to bring my fun and flirty kimono on the road with me! This piece effortlessly adds that unique fashion statement I always want, as well as take me easily from the beach to the bistro." -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer

Please click here for more on Jardin by Macris.

Mer-Sea & Co.:

The founders of Mer-Sea think "life should be simple…like life at the beach" and focus their designs on the mindset of traveling and all the wonder that it brings. ConciergeQ could not agree more! We especially love Mer-Sea's Classic Pocket Travel Wrap and Recycled & Upcycled Bag. The Classic Pocket Travel Wrap is made for wherever you go: on the plane, to the beach, to a movie or just wrap yourself up on your couch with a great book. This travel wrap comes packaged in a matching travel bag, which is perfectly sized for an airline pillow and packs up nicely in a carry-on. While the Recycled & Upcycled Bag is versatile, multi-tasking, easy-care and above all, chic. This bag is woven into a raffia-like textile and is made from 100% recycled man-made material. All totes are in white and the leather straps elevates this simple bag into a luxurious necessity.

"Truth be told, recently I have been wearing my Classic Pocket Travel Wrap on the couch while watching Netflix by the fire. However, I'm looking forward to enjoying my next plane trip with this cozy wrap--it's like wearing a fashionable light blanket with pockets! I also love the Recycled & Upcycled Bag, which holds so much but is yet extremely comfortable on my shoulder, as well as pretty." -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer

Please click here for more on Mer-Sea & Co.

"My Pinewood Kitchen: A Southern Culinary Cure with Mee McCormick":

Mee McCormick's "My Pinewood Kitchen: A Southern Culinary Cure," is packed with tasty, microbiome-friendly meals, including recipes for delicious and healthy living. In this virulent climate of self-isolation and serious immune system compromises, author/chef, Mee McCormick is mindful of how a rise in anxiety can find us craving snacks. Instead of a quick fix, she goes straight to her kitchen with the intent to shift her gut bacteria--important for keeping our immune systems strong--as addressed in her new book. 

From immune-boosting smoothies to gut-friendly soups, salads, dinners, and desserts, this four-color cookbook will become your go-to kitchen resource, freeing you from bland-tasting healthy food and the nightly question: “What’s for dinner?”

"What I enjoy the most about this cookbook is that it focuses on gut health. In addition to being a very interesting read, it is really educating me on what I should and shouldn’t eat and has given me insight on what I’ve been doing wrong all this time!" -Tasha Dwhaj, ConciergeQ Host and Producer

Please click here for more on My Pinewoood Kitchen.

Sun Valley Salt: 

Sun Valley Salt, the industry leader in Himalayan Salt Wall Panels, is now offering Himalayan Salt Bricks with Cedar Grilling Planks for a delightful dinner. This beautiful set, which is a perfect gift for every foodie, includes 5 Cedar Grilling Planks, 2 Himalayan Grilling Salt, 1 Seasoning Pack. Moreover, Himalayan Salt is not only a delicious way to cook, it is also extremely healthy. Sun Valley Salt's especially designed interlocking mechanism for cedar salmon grilling planks are also a perfect presentation for any table.

"Using Sun Valley Salt blocks was a total game changer! Nothing beats thinly sliced, perfectly salted, delicious, blow torched beef." -Tasha Dwhaj, ConciergeQ Host and Producer

Please click here for more on Sun Valley Salt.

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