ConciergeQ Recommends: Self-Care Health and Beauty Products

Did you know allocating a little time each day for a small amount of self-care can help easy anxiety? We may not be traveling today or even next week, but these ConciergeQ recommended beauty and health products are great when on the road and for your new routine at home. Remember, even in these challenging times, it helps to do something that makes you look and feel better.


In February (and pretty much the entire month of February) I had the "flu." Admittedly, I was extremely ill, which included a fever of over 102.5 (my digital thermometer's digits advanced so quickly that it broke), aching muscles for over a week, tummy issues, and a terrible cough. I started to use Keto-BEAM's Travel Pack, which was gifted to me as a sample and I intended to use to help fight jet lag and leg cramps during my upcoming trip to Italy. Needless to say, my trip to Italy was postponed due to COVID-19, but I credit Keto-BEAM's Electrolytes and Micro-BOOST for helping to aid my recovery.

Keto-BEAM's Travel Pack includes: 1 Electrolyze (4oz) Fulvic Electrolyte Balancer, 1 Micro-BOOST (4oz) Micro-Nutrient Support, and 1 Insta-Lytes (2oz) Electrolyte Misting Spray. Micro-BOOST is a liquid mineral that provides necessary micronutrients and detoxes the body, while the Electrolyte Balancer allows your body to maintain important functions, such as muscle contraction and heartbeat regulation. Finally, Insta-Lytes provides 100% bio-available electrolytes directly where you need them most. Just spray it on! The electrolytes in Insta-Lytes start working immediately to resolve cramps, eliminate body aches, clear lactic acid, and detox your cells.

Please click here for more on Keto-BEAM.

Organic Skin Co.:

While glamping at Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last summer, I first tried The Organic Skin Co.’s skincare line. These products proved to not only be luxurious, but rightfully boast being a vegan, cruelty-free brand made with ethically sourced ingredients. Now, while busy implementing my self-care routine at home, I continue to use and love the Organic Skin Co.'s line, especially the Company's Nitty Gritty: Almond Seed Exfoliant and Clean Slate: Holy Basil Cleaner.

I recommend using the Clean Slate: Holy Basil Cleaner—guaranteed to quickly unveil clean and refreshed skin--and then apply the Nitty Gritty: Almond Seed Exfoliant or try the Clean Slate alone with a Buf-Puf facial sponge. So refreshing, and every product by this line is light, and smells absolutely delicious.

Please click here for more on Organic Skin Co.

Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark Collection: 

Feel like a supermodel with Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark new hair care products, and the entire line smells amazing too! With over 15 years of experience as a hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons is on speed dial for everyone from the entire Kardashian clan to supermodel heavyweights including Joan Smalls, Ashley Graham, Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid. If you’ve got a red carpet to sashay down or a front cover to grace, then Andrew Fitzsimons is the man you call to ensure your hair is an 11 out of 10. The full Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark range is now available to buy in Primark stores around the world, including over 200 stores in the UK and Ireland.

Please click here for more on Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark.

The Ordinary Peeling Solution:

Looking to give you skin a quick lift? The Ordinary Peeling Solution is a refreshing exfoliating peel. The peel focuses on the top layer of skin with a AHA 30% + BHA 2% solution for a brighter and clearer complexion. The Ordinary fights visible blemishes, and continued weekly use reduces pore congestion and fine lines for a bright, youthful complexion. While it's true you might be surprised by the peel's dark pink liquid solution, but you won't be disappointed in your results. 

Please click here for more on The Ordinary Peeling Solution.


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