Dr. Amanda Reiman's Personal Plants to Debut at Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference
On June 27, Dr. Amanda Reiman will launch her new brand, Personal Plants, with Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference (June 25-28, 2021) audience in Sun Valley, Idaho. Boasting the slogan "From Seed to Self-Reliance," Personal Plants seeks to help everyone grow their own hemp and cannabis plants as well as adaptogenic mushrooms legally, safely, and successfully.
ConciergeQ spoke with Dr. Reiman, who aims to be the Martha Stewart of grow-your-own-microdosing, intending to normalize home production of small amounts of CBD, THC, and psilocybin for health and increased happiness, before her appearences at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference. 

ConciergeQ: Please give us the highlights of your journey that took you from earning a Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley to starting Personal Plants.

Dr. Amanda Reiman: After receiving my Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley, I immersed myself in studying the relationship between people and plants. As the Director of Research and Patient Services at Berkeley Patients Group, I examined the use of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs. I also worked on cannabis policy reform as the manager of the Marijuana Law and Policy for the national nonprofit Drug Policy Alliance. During this time I was also  teaching courses on substance abuse treatment and drug policy at U.C. Berkeley, which helped me better understand how people learn and adapt to new information, especially around a controversial topic. My roles as the first chairwoman of the Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission and a member of the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission taught me a lot about how cannabis was being integrated into society on the local level. 

Since I first started working in the cannabis space in 2002, I have felt that my role has been to take controversial and complicated topics and make them accessible and relatable. I am a disarmer, an educator, and someone who has always been able to translate science and highly propagandized issues to the average person. All of the roles I’ve had over my career have involved that skill. Whether it is teaching students, developing policy at the local and state level, conducting social science research and writing about it in popular media — all of these activities have involved my ability to take difficult material and make it accessible. Dating back before I entered the cannabis space officially, I had been cultivating my own cannabis and making my own cannabis products for personal use. I want to apply my translational and disarming talents to the home cultivation and processing of medicinal plants. The current marketplace and learning landscape in this area is fragmented and inaccessible, especially for women. I want to change that. That is why I started Personal Plants.

CQ: What are you most looking forward to at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival?

AR: The opportunity to share Personal Plants with a wide and varied audience. I’m looking forward to gauging reaction and interest and really having an opportunity to connect with people who might really benefit from the education and community I’m fomenting. And also to learn more about how my colleagues are working to support natural health and wellness.

CQ: Plants or Pills?

AR: Most of the time, plants! One of the reasons I came to cannabis in the first place is because I was diagnosed with arthritis in my feet while I was just in my early 20s. It was extremely painful to walk but I was so dismayed at the thought of having to take prescriptions for the rest of my life. I turned to cannabis to provide the pain relief I needed — and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I hate to think of having spent the last 25 years dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for relief when I can use a natural plant to contain and control my pain. 

CQ: Why is Personal Plants important to you?

AR: I support the self-sufficiency that comes from teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish. Growing and processing your own medicines is a huge part of that. I believe that access to plant medicines is at the heart of the cannabis reform we have seen sweep the nation. But, not everyone can benefit from the absence of prohibition. High taxes and lack of retail especially plague those who do not have the means to participate in the commercial market. 

I truly believe that the promotion of home cultivation is a social justice issue, and that access to cannabis and other plant medicines are a right, and not a privilege. 

I founded Personal Plants because I want to do for cannabis, mushrooms, and other therapeutic plants what the Food Network did for home cooked meals and what HGTV did for home renovations, give the average person the tools, knowledge and confidence that they can grow and prepare their own medicines at home.

CQ: ConciergeQ is a travel magazine. Since you are journeying to Sun Valley: What is your favorite travel song?

AR: Rather than a specific song, for me, it's a genre. I love listening to ’60s and ’70s folk music when I travel. It brings on thoughts of road trips and relaxing adventures. 

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