Jamee Natella, Producer and Founder of Blueyed Pictures-QAmbassador

Jamee Natella, Producer and Founder of Blueyed Pictures

ConciergeQ: Which film inspired you to travel? Why? 

"The film Buena Vista Social Club, transports me to Cuba. The movie traces master guitarist Ry Cooder’s seemingly endless search for more musical legends to play with, as he takes us to Cuba to meet the masters of “Son” music.

It’s a warm, beautiful and touching portrait of embracing unity and inner strength that overrides adversities of time and life’s challenges. I immediately had a visceral connection with how deeply the Cubans feel their music. I have watched it many times and am always reminded of how truly blessed we are in America to have artistic freedom.

Music is a passion of mine, so I was naturally drawn to the musicians theme of Buena Vista Social Club. I was even more struck by this universal theme of how true art is ageless and has no class or continents dividers. These weathered musicians became all at once young again as the music flowed from them. I was inspired by how as a filmmaker there really are no cultural differences, as Art is sheer art in any language.

Also, my 7-year-old son’s travel book series, I Am Sam is all about embracing different cultures, and Buena Vista Social Club is a movie I look forward to sharing with him one day. It just may inspire in him, I Am Sam–Cuba!”

After attending the Chicago Academy for the Arts, Jamee Natella relocated to L.A. to follow her passion for the film business. Diving into production, working for studio heads, she developed strong relationships in the entertainment sector and built a reputation for flawless production. After spending 9 years partnering with BBDO West in the U.S. to produce commercials for major brands both domestically and abroad, she branched out to create a global production network to serve both advertising agencies and clients and launched the aptly named Blueyed Pictures with offices in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. Over the last 14 years Blueyed Pictures has produced an impressive body of award winning work across all media. Natella has won recognition from the CLIO’s, Cannes Lions, FWA, Webby and the NY Festival’s International TV, Cinema & Radio Advertising Awards for work with agencies FCB, BBDO, JWT, Denzu/Japan and major clients Virgin Enterprises, Lexus, Toyota, Pepsi and California Advisory Board’s "Got Milk?", to name a few.

To learn more about Jamee Natella visit, and be sure to follow the producer on Facebook.

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