Lisa Heller, Pop Artist-QAmbassador
Lisa Heller, Pop Artist
What is your favorite travel song?
"'Beautiful Day' by U2 because we always listened to this in long car rides growing up."
“Hope" springs eternal as acclaimed 20-year old singer-songwriter Lisa Heller introduces her inspirational new song to the world. Born out of struggle, “Hope” is a spiritual transformation that allowed her to break down barriers, and move her life forward. Several years ago, Heller had a medical condition color her world as she woke up at an emergency care center with a diagnosis of Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD). Fortuitously, the doctor told her that singing would help treat the VCD because the act itself would relax her vocal cords. Embracing the advice, music became a therapeutic stress reliever, a creative outlet and her saving grace.
With a newfound confidence, Lisa developed her inner voice, harnessing her intuition to effectively craft 4-minute vessels of the existential. Early songs such as “Close Your Eyes” and “Life on the Run,” which featured drummer Aaron Sterling (John Mayer, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry) and special guest guitarist Steve Fekete (musical director for Avril Lavigne), were her first forays in songwriting and ones which ended up being recognized with various accolades including being chosen as a Top Five Finalist in the "Performance Category” for the American Songwriting Awards, reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Contest, and receiving a "Pop High Honorable Mention” by the faculty of the Songdoor Songwriting Contest.
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