Lorena Leigh, Singer-Songwirter-QAMBASSADOR
Lorena Leigh, Singer-Songwriter
What is your favorite travel song?
"The first time I heard "September Song"- JP Cooper, it was the acoustic version and I was driving a rental car through Ireland en route to play a music festival in Donegal. It was my first international solo trip and in the moment I heard it, I had just gotten to a decent level of comfort driving on the left side of the road. I was in the perfect moment of freedom and hopeful adventure to probably love any song that came on but that one felt particularly perfect. It was September, everywhere around me was lush, green and the sun was just peeking out from behind the clouds; illuminating the rolling hills, distant coast and sky. It was a sacred moment, I listened with an open heart, sang and danced to the melody and lyrics on repeat and in that rhythm unlocked some new kind of joy within myself... it felt like magic.

It became my anthem for the remainder of the trip. I sang it at bars, surfing, with new friends, with new love. That song for me is pure adventure and hopeful stoke for whatever is to come in life and it still gives me all the feels for travel and traversing new terrain each time I put it on."

Born into a non-musical family, Lorena Leigh has been defying the odds since birth. Lorena's lack of a comfort zone and ability to connect with those around her create for a show experience that leaves the audience buzzing with positive energy. A childhood love of country music, and her enthrallment with the NYC surf-scene during her early twenties, directly contribute to the catchy hooks, lyrical stories and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies that drive her music. After many years of story-telling through dance, film and theater, Leigh now finds herself expressing musically, between alternative-pop, Broadway and americana, in a way that is all her own.

Lorena Leigh on iTunes.

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