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Coloring with the sun-draped acoustic-pop leanings of Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Troye Sivan and Kate Voegele, 24-year old singer-songwriter Devon is a rising star on the Philly music scene. Writing and self-producing her music, Devon released her well-received debut Love & Haight in 2014. Featuring singles “Own Little Drum,” “I Can’t Get Myself To Go Home,” and “Dance With Me,” the album was highlighted by the likes of 34th Street Magazine and WRUV in Burlington which compared her to Alanis Morissette. That year, she traversed the Eastern U.S., playing acoustically, while on tour with label-mates Rivers Monroe, who she proceeded to road-manage while they did a run of Vans Warped Tour shows in 2015. Those experiences helped shape her sophomore album What If I, a glaringly poignant prism refracting the unique way in which she sees and feels the world. Look for Devon's new EP, Sitting Up Straight, to release October 2nd via AWAL.

Travel on with ConciergeQ's interview series TRAVELERS, featuring singer-songwriter Devon.

ConciergeQ: What is your first memory of traveling? 

Devon: My earliest memories of traveling as a little kid are all set in the backseat of the car. I can’t place where I was headed, but I remember always packing a portable CD player and my Play and No Secrets records (I’ve always loved girl bands) - oh, and the Shrek 2 soundtrack because I’ve always loved Counting Crows. The road trips and the playlists were always the most exciting parts of the journey for me.

CQ: Share a favorite travel memory. 

Devon: Dublin, Ireland is one of my favorite places on the planet, and my favorite memory of the city is the first time that some friends and I went to a comedy show at Vicar Street. The energy of a great comedian combined with the atmosphere of drinks with good friends in a cozy theater is the epitome of happiness for me.

CQ: Tell us a travel tale… 

Devon: A few years ago, my best friend and I went on a backpacking trip through the Highlands in Scotland. I have always prided myself on my dedication to wellness (I’m passionate about yoga and veganism), but climbing actual mountains really put my physical fitness into perspective! It was challenging and motivating, and the feeling at the top was incomparable. I can’t wait to be that exhausted again!

CQ: Which film has inspired you to travel?
Devon: The Woodstock documentaries sparked my desire to experience music festivals. That same friend who climbed mountains with me in Scotland also took a road trip with me from New York City to Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo a few years back, and the love and excitement that we felt at the festival was unreal. Not even the movies do it justice!

CQ: What is your favorite travel song?

Devon: “Free" feat. Emeli Sande and by Rudimental consistently takes me right back to riding the bus in Dublin. I listened to that song every day while I was there because it inspired me to embrace the feeling of being different in a foreign place. I can’t hear it now without smiling and seeing the city limits.

CQ: Where would you like to visit in the near future? 

Devon: I’m currently quarantined in my hometown of Philly with my family, but I’ve been living in NYC for the last few years. I’m excited to travel back to the vibrant, kaleidoscopic city as soon as it is allowed to reopen! I believe in NYC and am stoked to see how it embraces the new normal.

CQ: Which TRAVELER should ConciergeQ interview next?

Devon: Town Meeting.

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