URHere at elrow: Kaos Gardens by Okuda San Miguel

URHere with ConciergeQ's Tasha Dwhaj at elrow - art: Kaos Gardens in Brooklyn, New York by Okuda San Miguel. World renowned street artist Okuda San Miguel, fashion brand Desigual, music curator Paco Osuna, and the ubiquitous brand of spectacle elrow, all came together through avant-garde art and electronica music, bringing human, fashion and art installations to life. In December, every corner you turned in Kaos Gardens one was met with diverse, vibrant, geometric shapes, patterns and subjects.

Okuda’s message about diversity: “My message that I print in each work is evident it is positivism, joy, appreciating differences, I want to unite everything here, everything that surrounds me that is what inspires me, people, travel, life itself. This is me as the creator.” - OKUDA

producer and photo: Tasha Dwhaj

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