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My friend Peter Guber wrote a bestseller a few years back, Tell to Winin which he makes the case that it is rarely statistics, logic or data that moves the world forward, but instead great storytelling. It may be the paramount activity of any culture, transporting history to the future using narrative, and maintaining identity, hope and imagination. I’ve been accused of being a storyteller over the years, especially when cliffhanging some travel experience, and I continue to be on the lookout for new platforms that evolve the art of the tell. So, this edition explores my latest favorite app and offers up a chance to win a trip for two to Tahiti to continue the never-ending story of our good travels.


Often called the "father of modern adventure travel, and the pioneer in travel that makes a difference," Richard Bangs has published more than 1000 magazine articles, 19 books, produced a score of documentaries, while making time to lecture at the Smithsonian, the National Geographic Society, the Explorers Club and many other notable venues. Moreover, Richard is also a respected conservationist and was the recipient of the 2007 Mark Dubois Lifetime Achievement Conservation Award. 


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