Meryl Davis: Birmingham, Michigan
Meryl Davis, U.S. Champion Figure Skater
Birmingham, Michigan

When Meryl Davis first fell in love with figure skating on a frozen lake by her childhood home outside of Detroit, Michigan, she had no idea the journey she was about to embark on. Teaming up with partner, Charlie White at the young age of nine, Meryl and Charlie began their quest together. Neither knowing much about the discipline of ice-dance, the team was driven by a passion for skating and the desire to learn, grow and see improvement from one day to the next. 20 years later, Meryl and Charlie are the reigning Olympic Champions and the first and only Americans to win the event. They’re also six-time U.S. Champions and 2-time World Champions, making them the most decorated U.S. ice dancers of all time.

Immediately following their 2014 Olympic win in Sochi, Russia, Meryl and Charlie continued to dance into the hearts of Americans on season 18 of the hit TV show, Dancing with the Stars. With pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Meryl again came away with a win and the coveted Mirrorball trophy. Continuing their post-Olympic whirlwind, Meryl and Charlie now travel the world sharing their passion for skating with some of the most loved international skating tours, including Stars on Ice. When not at home with her family in Birmingham, Michigan Meryl most loves sharing her story and experiences in the hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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What is your favorite word to describe Birmingham?


What word best reflects the people of Birmingham?


What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Birmingham?

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Birmingham?

There are some really lovely parks and hiking trails around the city. My fiancée and I love taking our dog, Bilbo, for walks through one trail in particular next to the local river.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Birmingham?

I love going out to eat with family and/or friends! Birmingham has some incredible restaurants with stellar ambiance to match the quality of the food itself. Nothing like sharing a great meal with those you love!

What is your favorite sound or noise in Birmingham?

I love hearing the little kids play in the fountain near the center of town. That same fountain also happens to be the best place to catch a summer sunset.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Birmingham?

Home! I love candles and always keep some lit in my house. I’m on the road quite often so the smell of those candles that I so associate with being home is particularly special.

What drink best reflects Birmingham?

A C Latte from Commonwealth.

What song or type of music best reflects Birmingham?

Anything playing at the summer concert series, “Music in the Park” on a summer evening!

If Heaven were Birmingham, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

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Meryl Davis: Birmingham, Michigan

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