Norbert Steines: Norberthood (Los Angeles)
Norbert Steines, Philanthropist
Norberthood, California

Norbert is a one-of-a kind mixed breed, 3-lb registered therapy dog, social media influencer, philanthropist, star of the international award-winning picture book Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?, and world-famous high-fiver. Norbert has more than one million highly-engaged followers across his social media platforms. As the dog-in-charge of 'Norberthood for Good,' his mission is to inspire kindness, spread smiles to people around the globe, do volunteer and philanthropic work, and bring comfort to those in need. He believes that you don't need to be big to make a big difference in the world. Born in 2009, his mommy Julie adopted him through Due to his tiny size, Norbert was only allowed to go to a special home filled with love and compassion. Norbert is a mix of Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier & Lhasa Apso. When he was a puppy, his mommy was shopping in an eyeglass store when a woman told her that Norbert would make a wonderful therapy dog. Because he made people smile, his mommy realized that by becoming a registered therapy dog, Norbert would be able to provide love, joy and comfort to people in need of happiness.

In addition to ongoing visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and special events, Norbert volunteers several times a month at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He supports variety of charitable causes such as, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Los Angeles Mission, Lil BUB's BIG FUND for the ASPCA, and Boot Campaign, a military nonprofit. For more information on Norbert and 'Norberthood for Good' visit, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Read Julie Steines, Norbert's mom, Los Angeles Q&A too!

What is your favorite word to describe Norberthood?


What word best reflects the people of Norberthood?


What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Norberthood?

Any place where I am volunteering and spreading smiles.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Norberthood?

Simply sniffing around in my own front yard with my fur-brother Fred.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Norberthood?

Volunteering at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with Julie.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Norberthood?

The opening of a treat bag.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Norberthood?

Wholly molley, all smells and all tastes!

What drink best reflects Norberthood?

I only drink water, but I see people indulging in this stinky brown beverage a lot.

What song or type of music best reflects Norberthood?

The Beach Boys.

If Heaven were Norberthood, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Welcome! Sunshine, surf and smiles await you. P.S. please don’t pee on the clouds.

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Norbert Steines: Norberthood (Los Angeles)

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